Tuesday, July 10, 2012

a SWEET day

   I was coming home from Miller's helmet appointment today and saw a package on my front porch. I wasn't expecting anything, so this meant that whatever was in the package was a surprise! I LOVE a surprise! And oh my goodness what a sweet surprise it was!! Cookies!! Not just any cookies.. Miller and Malachi cookies :))  Y'all just don't even know how big my heart smiled when I saw them! Truly a "sweet kiss" for the day. I later learned that the cookies were from a sweet blog follower, Rhiannon Bethea, who said that she read my post about our paperwork at USCIS being all messed up. She prayed for us that night and then the cookie idea came to her the next morning. When I sent her a facebook message, she was so humble and said that God was just using her to make me smile :) and oh did it work! Seriously... that is the sweetest thing. I am thankful that the Lord pricked her heart to use her talent to make a difference in my day! He cares about the details ! I have so much joy from the thought of that! People... THAT is being the hands and feet of Christ. Simple. Love God. Love People. Be open to be used by HIM. Thank you so so much Rhiannon! The memory of these cookies will last forever :))

I mean just look at how cute these are!

She is SO talented! I have been "researching" aka Facebook and blog stalking her cookies this afternoon. They are so adorable!! Check them out on her blog HERE at ColorMeCookie

The other part of my "sweet day" was Miller's helmet appointment! Today marked 4 WEEKS since we got the helmet! We received another good report today!! Miller's head continues to grow and it is becoming more and more symmetrical! Yay! BASICALLY.... When we first began this journey, Miller's head was asymmetrical by 3/8 of an inch. After two weeks... he had shifted towards symmetry by 1/4 inch (2/8 for those of you like me who don't understand measurements)! That was the OH MY GOSH I can't believe it shifted so much visit!! Now... 2 weeks later, his whole head has continued to grow and he shifted more toward symmetry by 1/16 inch. Leaving a GRAND TOTAL of 1/16 left to go!! NOT VERY MUCH for those of you attempting to figure out how much that is :))) Don't feel bad... I confess I had to get my ruler out! So what does that mean?? It means that my baby's head looks GOOD!! :)
The short term goal is to achieve complete symmetry - to close in that 1/16th difference.
We are HOPING that will happen within the next few weeks. There is no way to tell for sure. I asked his Prosthetist today how long he will have to continue wearing the helmet and he said that ultimately Miller's Specialist would make that call. We have a follow up with the Specialist in August. After talking today, we concluded that Miller would continue wearing the helmet for at least 2 to 4 more weeks... then after that... we could possibly be done!! I honestly can't believe I just typed that! After all the commotion... fear... tears... At 4 weeks post helmet we are already discussing the day when we will discontinue the helmet!
I have 3 words! GOD IS GOOD!
Thank you for praying and please continue praying for his sweet little head!
This is a picture of him waiting for his visit today! Look at those eyes :)

I may actually miss the helmet


  1. oh.my.cuteness! those cookies are adorable and SO encouraging I know! They did remind me of Myles and Marlee too ;) love our 'M & M' babies!!

  2. Praise the Lord, He is so good and sweet to you.


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