Friday, July 13, 2012

Dropping like flies

I actually looked up the phrase "dropping like flies" and by definition it means, "falling down ill or dead in large numbers." That pretty much defines our household this past week, although 3 isn't a huge number. Miller got sick first. He politely passed it on to his father, who then generously passed it on to me. We aren't sure exactly what this "bug" is we are carrying around but we know it is vicious! It is attacking our throats, muscles, heads, sinuses and is jam packed full of fever. My parents came into town on Wednesday (Lee's first sick day) for the coaches clinic. We love the Lord's provision! Mom ended up being full time caregiver for all of us Miller as I began to get sick Wednesday night and we were both terribly sick on Thursday. Miller went home with my parents on Thursday (which was pre-planned) but such perfect timing for our sickness. We were in the bed at 5:30. Lee and I have both said that we take our health for granted. We know people who function while being sick day in and day out. Great respect for those people!
Notice I said Miller's going out of town was pre-planned? Lee and I were excited to plan a date night for tonight since Miller wouldn't be here. We literally started planning at the beginning of the week. Nice restaurant. Fancy dinner. Catch a movie too! Yeah.. Well.. That "date night" got watered down to grabbing some fast food and a red box movie. :)) gotta love it.

Oh... And... People who have been sick, with countless hours of sleep, and who have basically been in a cave the past 2 days should probably not drive. Yes. That is our mailbox. I hit it in the car on my only attempt out of the house to deposit a check. In my defense... It was raining and I needed to check the mail... I got a little too close.

Text conversation:
Abby: "hey. Don't be mad. I just knocked the mailbox down."

Lee: "Abby how did you do that!!??"

Abby: "Just the box fell off. I know you can fix it! :-)"

Lee: "you never cease to amaze me."

Abby: "It must have been loose cause I barely hit it. Promise."

Lee: "haha ok"

I am so blessed with a husband that constantly offers grace to me for my mistakes!

This week we get our fingerprints done! Please pray for a quick turn-around time!! While watching the movie tonight, which happened to be about Africa, we day dreamed about future family movie nights with everyone snuggled together. I know... I am day dreaming! 2 boys actually calming down long enough to snuggle with parents and watch a movie is probably not a reality... snuggling long enough for a commercial - probably more like it.

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