Friday, January 25, 2013

One Happy Girl

Look what I received in the mail today??

It's the REVISED version of my book! So very excited! I actually purchased this one off Barnes and just to double check and make sure they had switched to selling the revised versions, and they have!! So excited!

So my book is OFFICIALLY back on the market and if you purchase it, it will be the revised copy.

I want to GREATLY apologize to all off you sweet people who bought my book before I realized there had been a mistake! I learned a great "author lesson."
"Do not tell about your book until you have a hard copy in your hands. Computers can be tricky!"

I would love to make it up to y'all somehow, so if you bought the original copy of my book and you desire to have a revised copy... Contact me and I will try to get you one!

Again, I'm so sorry!

Please pray for God's glory in this small children's book. Several moms have contacted me about this book because their children have/had helmets. My heart is just simply to bless these families! So if you know them, share with them!

Book is for sale on

Barnes and


Trafford Publishing

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