Tuesday, January 1, 2013

4 months DTE

December 31 marked 4 months of being on the official waiting list with our agency! We are thankful to be 4 months closer to our little man! How much longer you ask??
A lot! Our agency is telling us to anticipate 24-30 months of official waiting.
30-4 = 26 more months

We are praying that the Lord will move mountains on behalf of the orphans in Ethiopia! We pray that we meet Malachi sooner than later. 26 more months isn't set in stone, however, we are preparing to wait as long it takes!

It's funny how we make plans for our life and then we give our life to God and He totally uproots our plans! He changes them into His plans. This "wait" and journey of adopting our son is constantly refining us and teaching us to say "not our will, but Yours" to the Lord.

On a sweet note! Miller can say "Chi." He points to our countdown wall in the kitchen and with his country little accent he says "Chiiiii."
Of course, at this point he only thinks that Chi is the countdown wall... but it makes my heart smile to hear him say Chi and to begin the process of teaching him about his brother!

Happy New Year!

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