Thursday, January 31, 2013

5 Months Waiting!

Today we have been "officially" waiting on Malachi for 5 months!! It seems like time has flown and crept by all in one! But regardless, we are 5 months closer to our little man :))

Looking back at our adoption timeline, on Jan 30, 2012 - we began our Home study paperwork and on Jan 31, 2012- our adoption agency assigned us a family coordinator!


I cannot believe its been a YEAR since we officially began this journey! It's been a good, tough, refining year and I'm looking forward to all that 2013 has in store!

We celebrate moving up one spot on the "unofficial" waiting list. Our agency's movement this month was s.l.o.w. with only 2 referrals going out and I'm not sure what age/gender those were.
We moved up one spot on the infant (0-12 mos) list because a family switched from being open to both genders to only wanting a girl- so everyone in line for boys slid up a spot.
I will piggyback on that statement and take note that I haven't mentioned the toddler list much (age 18-24 mos). A while back we were #36 on this list... However, we are now like #40! So I've decided not to even mention it til we get back down to our original number :)
Why, you ask?
We moved backwards 4 spots on the toddler list because people ahead of us changed their parameters. For example: a family who was only open to a 0-12 mos child may have expanded their parameters to 0-4 years old so they then slid in front of us on the toddler list. We have seen some shifting in parameters lately for various reasons (increased wait time being a huge reason).

So don't be confused when I only give 1 number... Then all of a sudden switch to 2 :)

Lastly, this next thing is a total copycat from another blogger I follow. She did this last year and it turned out super cute so I am going to TRY to do it! "TRY" being the key word here.

At the end of each month she recaps some family highlights from the month and quickly puts them into a collage.
Then at the end of the year you have a little mini scrapbook!
Quick, easy and fun.

So here is my January 2013!

From left to right:

Miller learned how to "pucker his lips"

My book was revised and is officially for sale!

SNOW!! (at work)

Miller fishing with daddy

#74 on waiting list!

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  1. 74 is a good number. :) Praying the time flies until Malachi is HOME!


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