Thursday, October 18, 2012

Blog Comments

Several people have written me and said that they were having a lot of trouble leaving comments on my blog secondary to the restrictions in place.

But AHH HAA! I think I have fixed the problem!!

From now on when you want to leave a comment it will make you "choose a profile."
Just scroll down until you see Name/URL and click that. You can just put your name in. You don't have to put in a URL.
And BAM! You're done!
No more crazy "prove to me you're not a robot" pop-ups!

Yay! I hope it works for ya!

As for us... We are WAITING! We haven't seen any major movement in our agency this month so I am anxious to see how many children were referred at the end of October. I have a few updates on "our wait" but we will save that for another blog (because it may not be exciting news). :((

I am, however, finally picking up a book that my heart has longed to read for a really long time. I hope my emotions are ready for it! :) I'm only in chapter 2 and it is proving to be worth the "hype."

Happy Thursday!

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