Monday, October 22, 2012

New Countdown Wall

About a month ago we put up this countdown wall.

We planned to countdown our adoption by the months. Well... There has been "talk" amongst families in our agency this month that the waiting time frame is about to increase again. :(
Currently the waiting time frame is 18-24 months, however it is projected to increase to 24-30 months very, very soon. It makes me sad. I recently told a fellow adoptive mom that I hope to have Malachi home in 4 years. Part of me is hoping it will be 3 or less, but reality is that this could really take a while.
The reason for the increase in wait times? Paperwork.
There are still millions of orphans in Ethiopia. There are families waiting on children. The extensive amount of required paperwork is the hold up in getting these adoptions processed. I am thankful for the paperwork. It helps keep adoption ethical. I just wish there were a more efficient process.

So needless to say, it's going to be a while. Please continue to pray for us. It pains us to wait month after month not knowing when this process will be completed.

Malachi may be our second child, or he may be our third or fourth. Only the Lord knows! We are thankful that our agency allows you to grow your family through pregnancy or pursuit of other adoptions during the wait without impacting your adoption. However, right now we are just praying for God to do miracles with paperwork. We are praying for children to be placed in forever families. We are praying for Malachi to come home!!!! :)

So why the new countdown wall?
Because I just couldn't handle continually adding months to the wall. It's just too hard.

I decided to use our "unofficial " agency wait list!

I cannot take credit for this precious countdown wall. I found it on a fellow adoptive mom's blog. Hilary was selling them to raise money for their adoption! They are currently #4 for a little boy :))

Look how cute!

The two colors are 2 different age ranges.

The blue is for an infant, 0-18 mos.
We are currently number 82

The red is for a toddler, 18-24 mos.
We are number 38

We cannot wait to begin taking down numbers! Each number represents a child matched with a forever family and will be one step closer to Malachi!

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