Sunday, October 14, 2012

He is Faithful... Despite Me - Helmet Series

"My confession.... I have been praying that Miller would be out of the helmet by September."

"I felt prompted to pray again specifically last night about September and had to fight the doubt in my mind that that would ever happen."

"Please join me in praying specifically that Miller would be out of the helmet by September - not because we want it... We can live through a trip to the beach :) But pray because we desire to pray the things we have been prompted to pray and we desire to pray believing God can do the seemingly impossible!"

Those quotes were from my blog post on JUNE 26TH - A.M.A.Z.E.D.

I prayed fervently that Miller would graduate by September.... for a little while. Over time, my mind twisted and my thoughts became selfish. I formulated a selfish goal that not only would he graduate by September, but that he would graduate by the beach trip (first week of September). Needless to say... he didn't. We loaded that little helmet up and headed to the beach. "MY" goal for helmet graduation was over. He didn't graduate by the beach trip. However, God's whisper was "September" NOT "the beach trip." I was unfaithful in continuing to pray and believe. I lost sight. God didn't. He intended to fulfill the very word He had spoken into me back in June.

September 25th, 2012. Miller Graduated.

Sadly, on the way to the hospital that day - it never occurred to me that this was the last opportunity to bring to pass what I had prayed back in June. I was too busy thinking of other things.

Sometime later that day, I remember thinking.... today is still September! I looked at Lee and said, "God did what He said He would."

I re-read my blog post from June 26th and it made me smile to see how specifically and sweetly God was speaking to me when my emotions were still raw over the helmet. It made me sad to see that as time passed, I had become unfaithful to continue praying.

I am thankful to serve a God that is faithful depsite my lack of faithfulness.

Thankful for this lesson learned :)

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