Monday, October 15, 2012

Street Kids

Do you remember THIS POST about giving shoes to kids in Africa?

Well, today as I was taking a spin through Facebook, I saw this post by the missionary in Ethiopia that the money was given to.

It made me smile! I could just imagine the sweet smiles on the faces of those children!! This image has been marked in my head all day.

Street kids - This is often so far from my mind. In all honesty, the thought of kids living on the street is almost "movie-like to me." That could not be farther from the truth. These are REAL kids. They are living and breathing this very minute... suffering from poverty that most of us will never, ever even come close to experiencing.

Could you just join me in praising the Lord today for meeting the simple needs of these children and for making them smile?!

If any of you gave.... Thank you! You may never see the fruit of your giving on this side of eternity, but rest assured that there is a sweet child in Africa walking around with a new pair of shoes on today because you gave.

Happy Monday!

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