Monday, October 8, 2012

Miller's Helmet Graduation Day!

I am thinking that saying goodbye to the helmet may take a few posts so I figured I would begin with a simple recap of the day he graduated!

September 25th, 2012

Miller's appointment was at 1:00. This was his 4 month follow up with the Plastic Surgeon. Honestly, I didn't really have a "feeling" one way or the other regarding the possibility of Miller graduating from his helmet. I had gotten my hopes up before and just didn't even feel like "going there" this time. So to me... this was just another appointment. 
I must insert here that I had become a bit "jaded" if you will. We had survived the scorching heat of the summer... constantly being stuck indoors... the stares... the questions... and countless doctor visits. Our major family outing (the beach trip) was behind us. We were just kinda... jaded.

Here is sweet Miller waiting on his doctor.

The doctor and his crew came in. They immediately took Miller's helmet off and began observing his head. Then Dr. C. looked up at us and said, "his head is rounding out nicely, I say just keep wearing the helmet until he outgrows it." We smiled and nodded our heads in understanding.
He proceeded to put the helmet back on Miller and he noticed that it was rotating to the right significantly. He asked me if it always rotated like that and I replied, "yes, it has started doing that over the past 2 weeks." He observed Miller in the helmet very briefly, then he quickly took the helmet off and tossed it across the room to Lee. As he tossed the helmet, he uttered the words "y'all are done!!"

The moment was very surreal. So many emotions rose up in me all at once. I did the only thing I knew to do.... I asked him if he was sure and then assured him that we were more than willing to continue wearing the helmet if it was best for Miller.
He smiled and sort of chuckled a little. He explained to us that Miller's head looked great and had already achieved near symmetry. He told us that over the next several months we will actually continue to see more improvement even without the helmet.
In a nutshell... he told us to put it in Miller's scrapbook!

We talked a little more, sharing helmet stories and such. Then they left.

Lee and I just looked at each other. Shocked. Giddy. Sad. All in ONE. We were grinning so big!

The weirdest... saddest... and sweetest part of leaving the hospital is captured in this little picture right here.

His first few moments HELMET FREE! We put that sweet little helmet on the stroller and wheeled out. Seriously. Our emotions were so mixed. We went from smiling to frowning repeatedly.

HOW... WHY... would we EVER be sad to see the helmet go? That seems ABSURD huh?

I will fall short on every single attempt to explain our emotions.
I refuse to exhaust myself, but I desire to journal a few of the details of our journey (especially for those of you who were on the Front Line with the helmet).

The journey with the helmet was ultimately an invitation to draw near to the Lord and it was all for His glory.
Although Miller's physical journey with the helmet ended on September 25th... our call to encourage others who are walking through this same season has only just begun.

stay tuned for the "helmet series"

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